Information for Parents

FSSC Volunteer Responsibilities

Admissions:  Collect meet admissions fees and sell heat sheets/programs. *Time estimate: report 45 minutes prior to the session warm up start time and continue through at least first half of meet session

Announcer:  Provide warm-up session music and announcements.  Announce the order of events, heat numbers, lane assignments and swimmers.  Announce results of events and scratches for finals sessions.

Awards:  Get result labels from computer operator or runner.  Check results list against results labels.  Place labels on the awards and file/distribute awards to the various teams.

Colorado Timing System Operator:  Operate the timing system used to record the swimmers’ times.  Training on this system is required.  The length of training is based on understanding of the system and guided hands on experience during a meet.

Computer Operator:  Run the swim meet computer system, including scratches and heat lane assignments.  Retrieve and print results from the Colorado Operator. Training on the computer is required.  The length of training is based on understanding of the program and guided hands on experience at meets. *Time estimate: Meet session plus pre-session preparation time and post-session completion of results.

Computer Assistant:  Assist the Computer Operator by sorting papers, checking results, etc. Must be in training or have prior experience with the computer system and operations.

Concessions Coordinator:  Coordinate and oversee all concessions planning, preparation, operations and finances. Coordinate volunteers and/or contact outside vendors for each session of meet.

Concessions:   Prepare, stock, and sell food between and during the meet sessions.

Hospitality Coordinator:  Prepare menu, buy supplies, and organize volunteers to provide and staff hospitality meals for all coaches, officials and volunteers.

Hospitality:  Provide and serve meals and/or snacks and beverages for coaches, officials, and volunteers during and between meet sessions.

Meet Photographer/Publicity:  Take photos at the meet for team publicity purposes, website, and/or newsletter use. 

Runners:  Collect time sheets from timers at the end of each event.  Submit timers’ sheets to the computer operator and post heat/lane assignments and results on deck for swimmers and in designated areas for spectators.

Safety Monitors:  Monitor the activity/safety of participants and spectators throughout all areas of the event (pool deck, spectator seating/viewing, lavatories, locker room, etc). Report all concerns and incidents to Safety Marshal/Director.

Timers:  Operate a stopwatch and record swimmers’ times on the timer sheets. These times function as back-up times in case either the touch pads and/or the Colorado Timing system are not functioning properly.


Clerk of Course/Meet Director:  Organize and set up the meet in Meet Manager.  Prepare all files (meet info, hytek, & psych sheets) to be posted on website.  Review and edit meet entries and heat sheets prior to copying.  Manage the team registrations and add on swimmers.  Collect all meet fees.  Check in all coaches and verify USA Swimming Certifications.  Assign warm-up lanes.  Complete and submit all reports.

Meet Referee:  Run the meet once the warm-up session has started and provide instructions to other officials working the meet. Must be USA Swimming registered. Training for position set by USA Swimming.

Safety Marshal/Director:  Monitor activity/safety throughout event.  Manage Safety Monitors.  Complete and submit incident reports on all reported injuries. Must be USA Swimming registered.

Starter/Recall:  Start the swimmers from the blocks. Reports to Meet Referee. Must be USA Swimming registered. Training for position set by USA Swimming.

Stroke & Turn:  determining that all strokes and turns are done legally, speaking with swimmers/coaches to identify violations, reporting illegal strokes/turns that warrant disqualification (DQ) to the Meet Referee. Must be USA Swimming registered. Training for position set by USA Swimming.

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